In Memoriam
In fond memory of pets past


  1. Marmie

  2. Maddie

  3. Smokey H

  4. Smokey S

  5. Tiger 

  6. Xena, Warrior Cat


  1. Tom

  2. Pixie

  3. Cha-Cha

Marmalade Penton

April 2000, age 15

A most excellent cat. Loved and always remembered

Tom Schofield

March 2002

A lovely old dog
Sadly missed by Susie and all who knew him


Maddie English

May 2004

20yrs young, much-loved  companion to Dave and Astro



Smokey Hagy

Smokey went to sleep 18 August 2004
He was our little friend and my best buddy. We will never forget the love he shared with us.

Smokey Shorrock

October 2004

A real character
much loved by Gwen and George

Pixie Wells

January 2005

Sadly departed after a long and active life. Will be missed by all who enjoyed her antics.

Tiger Penton

March 2007

Everybody's favourite, even more so when he had to lose a leg. World's best purr-er.

Sadly gone after a brief illness


Cha Cha Penton

May 2005

With us for a only short spell at the end of her 13 years, we loved her no less than if she'd been with us always.

Xena, warrior catXena Penton

August 2008

Aged 18 or so, Xena was a cat who preferred her own company to that of others but at night-time she invariably ended up in/on the bed. No patience for the other pets in the house but a beautiful old girl with delightful personality. Very suddenly gone and much missed.


"Andy Kitten"

April 2009

Found abandoned at 3 weeks, loved and nurtured but lost at 4 weeks old. A tragic and painful loss. Adored by all who saw him.

A J Penton

July 2011

Tiger's brother, age 13. A beautiful big cat. Will be missed by Barb and Bertie Bichon.