About Us

Pet.net.au was set up around 1996 to serve pet interests in Alice Springs. The site expanded a little with some travel information  and then expanded some more with some sponsors and links from elsewhere. Relocating to Melbourne the site continues to sponsor RSPCA-Central Australia to some degree but in the main this site is no longer location specific.

Since 2008 the site also hosts pages for our Dog Grooming & Pet Shop enterprise: BORONIA PETS at Shop 5,  260 Dorset Road Boronia VIC.

The site is managed by Barbara Penton who is a web designer, pet carer and groomer and who currently lives in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

Please contact us for fees if interested in using a "pet.net.au" email address (yourname@pet.net.au) or having a full page flyer on the site - your design or ours!

Tel : (b/h) 03 9762 5554  
Address: 1 Braeside Drive, Launching Place VIC 3139
Email: info @ pet.net.au